“Not by Accident: The Blessed Journey of Eric Coleman”

...is the compelling and inspiring story of how Eric Coleman's reliance on faith, family, discipline and determination helped guide his path from a small western Kentucky town to a successful career as an engineer, business executive and entrepreneur. Every decision has been intentional with Eric. He shares his walk; from his selection of a wife to his educational and career decisions; and how it allowed him to attain financial security and the freedom of retirement at the age of 49.

“Somewhere Listening For My Name” 

...shares the compelling stories of ordinary college students who accomplished extraordinary things. Students who participated in the Atlanta and Nashville student movements and the 1961 Freedom Rides knew they could be killed. Many wrote their last wills and testaments before boarding buses, holding sit ins and staging boycotts to protest segregated conditions. Their sacrifices brought about significant change in the American South. This books opens a window to their experiences and can serve as a road map to others who want to make significant changes in their communities.

Letters of Hope: From Adversity to Inspiration 

Pastor, Montel Richardson reveals his struggle with childhood loss, facing shortcomings, and his road to transformation to encourage and uplift others.

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